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How do I delete a file after Converting it to TXT?

When you carry out a conversion, sometimes you would like to remove the origional file. This is particuarily useful when converting a directory.

Sometimes you need to convert an entire directory of Word Documents to TXTs and remove the files that have been converted. You can do this easily on the command line using Docto.

The command line below shows how you can convert all the Microsoft Word Documents in a folder to a Text File (TXT) file and then remove the file.

Command Line

 docto -WD -f 'c:\path\todocuments' -o 'c:\path\toOutputfiles' -t wdFormatText -R true

or easier to read

 docto  -WD 
        -f 'c:\path\todocuments' 
        -o 'c:\path\toOutputfiles' 
        -t wdFormatText
        -R true

Command Line Explained

Some other interesting commands

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