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How do I get log out put when converting a file ?

When doing a conversion, it is useful to output log info.

Here we set the log level to 10 which is defined as 'Verbose' which can be explained as A large amount of information will be output with the conversion. Useful for debugging and trying to track down an issue.

Command Line

 docto -WD -f 'c:\path\Document.doc' -o 'c:\path\Document.PDF' -t wdFormatPDF -L 10

or easier to read

 docto -WD  -f 'c:\path\Document.doc' 
            -o 'c:\path\Document.PDF' 
            -t wdFormatPDF 
            -L 10

Command Line Explained


Some other interesting commands

You might find some of the following commands also interesting.

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