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Filtered HTML File

How do I Convert a Microsoft Word Doc to a Filtered HTML File (HTML) and fire a webhook on conversion?

It is very simple to convert a Word Document to a HTML file on the command line using Docto. You can also do this easily in Microsoft Word, but sometimes it helps to be able to do it from the command line. And its really simple to fire a webhook that you can recieve at any website. Just use the -W parameter.

The command line below shows how you can convert a Microsoft Word Document to a Filtered HTML File file - HTML and fire a webhook.

Command Line

 docto -WD -f 'c:\path\Document.doc' -o 'c:\path\Document.HTML' -t wdFormatFilteredHTML -W ''

or easier to read

 docto -WD  -f 'c:\path\Document.doc' 
            -o 'c:\path\Document.HTML' 
            -t wdFormatFilteredHTML
            -W ''

Command Line Explained

Web Hook Help

The Webhook URL will be called on the following events with the following parameters

Return value is ignored, no errors are logged. This is a fire and forget Webhook.

The URL will look like this

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