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Converting Word Documents for use with Onedrive

If you need to upgrade a bunch of files to work without conversion on OneDrive /Office365 / Word 20XX then you can use DocTo.

If you run docto on a directory to the latest version you can upload to OneDrive and then you can open your Word files in OneDrive and edit without conversion. You need to use the following additional parameters to your command line

Command Line

 docto -WD -f 'c:\path\todocuments' -o 'c:\path\toOutputfiles' -ox '.docx'  -T wdFormatDocumentDefault -C 65535

or easier to read

 docto  -WD 
        -f 'c:\path\todocuments' 
        -o 'c:\path\toOutputfiles' 
        -ox '.docx'        
        -t wdFormatDocumentDefault 
        -C 65535

these will make your outputted .docx files compatible with the latest version of word and allow you to upload to onedrive without requiring conversion when editing.

Command Line Explained

The important part is the -C 65535 which ensures that the output doc is compatible with the latest version of word.

See this Stackexchange question

Other Compatibility Values


Some other interesting commands

You might find some of the following commands also interesting.

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